Oil Tank Removal Services in NJ, NY and PA

Shore Environmental is certified by the NJ Department of Environmental Protection for tank removal and abandonment activities. Our knowledgeable tank service specialists will point you towards the best solution, and get the job done right.  

Tank Abandoment
Residential and commercial underground storage tank (UST) abandonment can be the perfect solution to a potentially costly and hazardous problem. Tank abandonment is a great option for projects where property and structural damage are potential issues. UST abandonment activities are conducted by uncovering the tank and pumping any residual product utilizing a vacuum tanker truck. The tank is then thoroughly cleaned and filled with certified clean sand fill. The excavation is then back filled to grade.
Tank Removal
Sometimes, tank removal is the best option. We at Shore Environmental understand how stressful this operation can be. If you're worried about the safety of your property, then you want Shore. We take every care possible to ensure our tank removal procedures go smoothly and safely with you in mind. Tank removal involves uncovering and inspecting the UST, cleaning the tank of rust, emptying the tank, removing the tank and disposing of the tank in coordination with all necessary protocol. The area is then back filled with certified clean fill material.
Why should my underground tank be removed?
All steel tanks rust over time, which can lead to soil and/or groundwater contamination. The State of New Jersey's Department of Environmental Protection requires homeowners to take prompt action on identifying a potential release and essentially completing any remedial action. Signs of a potential tank lead include:
Fuel oil odors
Problems with your oil burner
Water detected in your tank
Unexplained increase in fuel oil consumption
Shore will provide all company certifications, residual product disposal manifest and certified clean fill documentation. A report summarizing the activities conducted will also be included for your records. Shore also offers extensive and short term consulting, monitoring and reporting services, depending on your environmental needs.


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